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Welcome to RIBI.bg
We urge you to read this page carefully, before using this website. By using this website, we assume that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions. If you DO NOT AGREE with the terms and conditions, please do not use this website.
This document contains the Terms and Conditions, by which "Belopolski Trading" LTD offers its services to it's clients through the online store ribibg.com.
These conditions apply to all users. With loading of the hyper-connections of the ribi.bg server, or by purchasing paid services offered by it, the user agrees to, fully accepts and commits to comply with the Terms and Conditions. Identification of the user, aimed at recreating of his agreement with the Terms and Conditions, is done with the user's IP address as well as other information, stored in the server's log files.
This webpage is administrated by Belopolski Trading LTD (also called "ribi.bg"), located in Bulgaria, Sofia, "Haidushka gora" № 2, BULSTAT Unified Identification Code (UIC) BG203126950, telephone: +359 885 513 980, e-mail: office@ribibg.com.
Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions below before using this store. By using the site you are unconditionally agreeing with these Terms and Conditions. The following Terms and Conditions have minimal requirements. Usage of the site is governed by general laws. The Terms and Conditions can be subject to change at any given time via updates on the website. These changes become valid immediately and are mandatory for all users/clients.
Ribi.bg will make changes to these Terms and Conditions, if these changes are because of a new law change. If the changes are made with an older date, they will be applied retroactively for delivered and confirmed orders.
In these cases ribi.bg is obliged to inform the users/clients for the newest update and, if required, the changes are applied for delivered/confirmed orders as well, via publication in the site.
If any of the points given in the Terms and Conditions is invalid or inapplicable, no matter the cause, the other points remain valid.
Upon entering the website, the users agree to follow the given Terms and Conditions, as well as the applicable laws.
Ribi.bg tries to keep all the information in the website up to date as much as possible.
Some of the characteristics or prices of some products presented in the site, could be changed by ribi.bg without warning and there could be operative mistakes.
Due to limited space and the structure of the information, the descriptions of some products may be incomplete. Despite that the team of ribi.bg is trying their best to provide you with the most appropriate information.
Deals and offers presented in the site are valid while stocks last.
The site may contain links to other sites. Ribi.bg is not responsible for the privacy policies of sites outside of ribi.bg's administration, as well as any other information mentioned in those websites.
In the contents of this document the following terms, used in capital letters, will have definite meanings, connected with the context as follows:
USER: represents the person, entering the website, with personal or business aims, that agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this site and fulfilling all requirements for registration and use.
CLIENT: represents the person, entering the site, with personal or business aims, that agrees to the Terms and Conditions of this site and fulfilling all requirements for registration and use that gives and finalizes an order.
ABUSE IN USE: represents usage of the website in a way that conflicts with the regulations and law, or in any other way that can harm Belopolski Trading LTD.
ORDER: Represents a virtual document, created by the CLIENT's entry in the site, which is a form of communication between Belopolski Trading LTD and the CLIENT.
CONTRACT: represents an ORDER, confirmed by Belopolski Trading LTD, through which ribi.bg agrees to deliver the products and services to the CLIENT and the CLIENT agrees to pay for them in return.
The site can only be used with legal aims.
Usage of the site in a way that could harm the site without limiting the access is forbidden:
With aims to cheat or in another way committing a crime or other illegal activities
sending, using or repeating to use any kind of material that is illegal, harmful, offensive, blaming, uncensored or threatening, or incompatible with copyright, trademarks, confidentiality, security of personal information, or is intrusive, contains viruses, political views, or whatever form of spam.
Ribibg.com keeps the right to deny access to the site to any USER, to close their account or to cancel their ORDER, even a confirmed one.
Ribibg.com does not sell products to underage children. People, who have not yet reached 18 years of age, can make ORDERS in the site only in the presence of an adult.
The products and services, shown in the site, represent an offer from ribi.bg.
Your ORDER will be taken as an offer for a contract by ribi.bg.
By submitting an order in the site, you as a CLIENT confirm, that you agree with the form of communication (telephone or email), through which Ribibg.com completes the orders in the site.
If ribi.bg confirms an ORDER, ribi.bg fully accepts the conditions of the ORDER. Accepting an order is considered complete only if there is electronic confirmation (e-mail), sent by ribi.bg to the CLIENT – response from the client is not required.
In no case does ribi.bg view any unconfirmed order as a CONTRACT.
The contract comes in power with confirmation of the ORDER by ribi.bg.
Current rules and conditions for selling are based on the agreed CONTRACT.
The subject of the ORDER is the product/products and services, for which, the CLIENT has shown willingness to pay through creating an ORDER in the site, confirmed by ribi.bg. The product/products possess the qualities, described by Belopolski Trading LTD in the site. Information concerning the quantities of the products available in ribi.bg, is presented in the site as in the product pages. After reviewing the order, ribi.bg informs the CLIENT via e-mail, in case the product is not in stock.
Warning: the time required for the item to arrive is only suggested.
The prices of products and services is the one pointed out in the site. The price may be changed by Belopolski Trading LTD at any given time without warning. For the price to be effective, it should be correct and agreeable. In this way, Belopolski Trading LTD warns, that there could be moments in which the displayed price on the site may not be the effective price. In such cases Belopolski Trading LTD will inform the CLIENT of the correct price.
In any case, the price will be checked at the time of confirmation of the ORDER.
In case the real price of a product is lower than the one shown in the site, the USER will be asked to pay the lower price. If there is a technical difficulty and there is a lower price is shown in the site than the real price of the product, the ORDER will be voided and a new ORDER will have to be made, that includes the real price.
Except the cases where it is shown otherwise, the prices include VAT (Value-added tax), as well as any other tax

The transaction currency for card payments via PayPal is Euro. The transaction currency for card payments via the UBB system is BGN (Bulgarian national currency – leva). If there are prices on the site in other currencies, these are for informational purposes only.

The price, the way of payment and the time for payment are pointed out in the ORDER. Ribibg.com sends an invoice to the CLIENT for the ordered product and services.
The ordered items can be paid for in several ways.
Payment via PayPal.com
With this method you can pay with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, AmEx).
By choosing this method, you will be redirected to the PayPal.com webpage, where you have to enter your email and password, or if you do not have an account – you will have to register. You can also pay directly if you enter your credit card credentials. The system recognizes all types of credit cards and accepts payment by bank accounts (does not accept Bulgarian bank accounts).
Pay Pal is one of the most secure systems for payment in the world. After completion of the payment, you will be redirected back to ribi.bg for registration of the order. The order will be completed after receiving a confirmation from Pay Pal. By using this payment way you do not have to pay the courier.
Payment via debit or credit card through the UBB system
If you own a debit or credit card, you can pay via the system of UBB (United Bulgarian Bank). You can use MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY. By choosing this payment method you will be redirected to an encrypted page, where you can complete the payment. A payment page of our servicing bank opens, where you enter your card details. If you are registered for the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode authentication services, an authentication page of your card issuer opens, where you type your authentication password or code. If the transaction is successful (received authorization), a transaction receipt is displayed onscreen, which you print or save. You need to follow the necessary steps to be returned to the page of ribi.bg and register the order. The order will be completed after the payment confirmation.
Please note that your V PAY or MasterCard Electronic card will be accepted only if it is registered for participation in the online authentication schemes Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. The maximum amount per transaction is BGN 10000.
In order to guard you against fraud during payment with your Visa or MasterCard card, we apply best practices recommended by the international card organizations. The security during entry and transport of card data is provided by the use of an SSL protocol for encryption of the connection between our server and the payment server of our servicing bank. The authenticity of your card is checked by the verification of the card verification value (CVV2). In addition, for your identification as the authentic cardholder, the payment server of our servicing bank supports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations – “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”, in case you are registered to use them.
The company will do what it must according to the contract in a maximum of 30 days after the date of confirmation, sent to the CLIENT regarding the ORDER. In case the ORDER cannot be completed, because the ordered goods are missing, ribi.bg will inform the CLIENT.
Belopolski Trading LTD can send a similar product with the same price to the client, in the event that the requested product is not in stock, only after the CLIENT has been informed and has agreed.
The product will be delivered to the client via courier or mail.
International deliveries are completed through Bulpost. We deliver to all countries in Europe and the European Union. We deliver to the following countries outside the European Union: Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, USA, South Korea and Japan. The taxation for the delivery is measured by two factors – weight of the product in packed state and the country it is being sent to. The ordered goods are delivered according to the local post practices. All of our packages are recommended and we receive notice about their successful arrival. If the package is not delivered on time, we urge you to contact us and we will track the package. In case the package is not received or cannot be found we will send you another package with the same contents or you will be provided with a refund. If your products are damaged, contact us as soon as possible via the contact form.
International shipment can be fulfilled by the courier company TNT. This firm can be picked in cases when the CLIENT wishes his goods to be delivered faster or the product is larger than the allowed size for BulPost. The price is formed by the price conditions of TNT. The price of this type of courier service is calculated in two ways - weight of the package (packed), and it's destination. In case the package does not reach it's destination, and it is not found, we will send the contents again or we will issue a refund. If your package is damaged, please contact us as soon as possible via the contact form.
Unless there is a specific agreement with the CLIENT, Ribibg.com does not take responsibility for the risks involved with the products and service, after the package is handed out to the postal services or the courier firm.
Ribi.bg will pack the goods accordingly and will assure that the accompanying documents are handed over correctly.
The delivery is considered completed, when the CLIENT signs the document concerning the receiving of the product handed by the courier.
The client can leave opinions on the products in the according page in the pages of the internet site. Ribi.bg does not take responsibility for the truthfulness of the given opinions and the honesty and responsibility of the users who have given the opinions.
Responsibility for the published information weighs entirely on the users who have published it.
You can create links to this site from other sites, only after agreeing to the terms and conditions of ribi.bg. For more information on the subject, please contact us.
Site with a link to ribibg.com must comply with the following:
  • it can point to contents of ribi.bg, but cannot copy the content;
  • it should not create frames for the browser nor limits around content of ribi.bg;
  • it should not point out unclearly, that ribi.bg enforces or recommends it’s products;
  • it should not give false information about the products or services of ribi.bg;
  • It should not contain information that can be classified as inappropriate, offensive or conflicting, but only information fit for all age groups.
You as a user have the right to cancel the order in a 14 work day time frame after the product has been received, only if they are not used except for testing (functionality and correct sizing), the integrity of the product has not been affected and its trading look has been kept (all stickers, stamps and the casings).
Right to deny the contract according to the Law of Customer Protection (ЗЗП):
Delivery of products, that cannot be returned or have a limited time until they are unusable, or there is a risk of the product deteriorating (this concerns groundbaits, additives, dips etc.)
Delivery of audio and video or programs that have been opened.
Reclamation of purchased goods can be made 14 days after the delivery.
The customer is obliged to pay the price of his order according to the site.
For questions and complaints, please, contact us via the contacts form.
The user can deny the order in 14 days starting from the day after receiving the product.
The stock should be returned in good technical and commercial condition.
In case the client has tried to repair the product or has ripped the packaging or has intentionally damaged it, the product cannot be returned.
There are cases of broken rods by the courier, but received by the client, because this check has been overlooked. The insurance is valid only if you state the damage at the time of receiving.
According to the laws, the customer has the right to inform the trader in written format, that he refuses the order, without paying transport and without giving reason in 14 work days after receiving the product. When products with a damaged or incomplete package, we retain the right to decide if we will accept the return and to keep part of the price – the client will be informed of the sum after damage inspection.
By informing us of a defect up to 24 hours after receiving it and without any damage to the package, we arrange for the product to be replaced according to the insurance conditions of the producing company of the product, or we can reimburse the amount you have paid in accordance to the Law of Customer Protection (чл.55 ЗЗП), considered from the date at which, as customers used your right of canceling. After this period or by damaging the packaging the repair cost is covered by the services pointed in the insurance.
The transport and other expenses for receiving and returning products are covered by ribi.bg. In case of difference between the item and the displayed characteristics, the deliverer reimburses the whole price paid by the client including the transport expenses paid by the client, according to the Law of Customer Protection (чл. 59 ал.3 от ЗЗП) and 7 days after receiving the product and no damaged pack.
By receiving the package you should check if the contents are what you ordered.
When the package is damaged during transport you should ask the courier for a delivery damage protocol.
In accordance with the law, after returning the product, paying the money back will be completed in a time frame of 30 days after the return.
In case we need to return you money for paid to us with a card contracted or delivered / performed goods or services, we will refund you by a credit transaction on the card used for the original purchase.