Поръчай сега
 Порция смях :)

- Хората смятат, че съм пряма, предизвикателна и нахална - обяснява пациентката.
- Много добре разбирам, госпожице - отговаря психиатърът. - Но все пак трябва да си взема някои бележки, затова бихте ли слезли за малко от коленете ми?


 Виртуална везна


На вниманието ви представяме една интересна новост за България - виртуална везна. С нея ще можете лесно да измерите с приблизителна точност улова си. Параметрите са два - дължина на рибата в сантиметри и килограми. Необходимо е да знаете само едната от двете величини и везната автоматично ще изчисли другата спрямо алгоритмите за дадения вид риба. Везната, както всичко хубаво, идва от Германия и за съжаление е на немски език. С нея обаче се работи интуитивно и езикът не би трябвало да представлява пречка.
 Advanced Pole Fishing


Launched in 1995, APF has become the premier read for the angler who wants to learn more about pole fishing and the tackle used. With a team that is 100 per cent dedicated to showing you the best pole fishing tactics in an easy-to-read format, you're sure to have that red-letter day in the bag with our top advice.
 Match Fishing


Match Fishing is THE magazine for any angler that wants to catch more fish and gain an edge! All aspects of competitive fishing are covered, with in-depth features, advice and stories covering lakes, canals and rivers. No matter where you fish or your level of ability, there is something for you to enjoy, each and every month, in Match Fishing!
 Total Carp


If you are new to carp fishing or simply want to improve and catch more carp, there is only one magazine for you - Total Carp.
 Improve Your Coarse Fishing


Here you'll find stacks of great info to ensure you catch more fish, help you choose the best tackle, find new venues, get great answers to fishing questions and lots more besides. Improve Your Coarse Fishing is Britain's biggest-selling coarse angling magazine. It's on sale every four weeks and provides all the very latest tips, tactics and tackle that you need to become a better angler...
 Angling Times


If you’re a coarse or carp angler desperate for the hottest new fishing ideas and coarse angling venues that’ll help you catch more fish, then Angling Times is for you! Dedicated to putting more fish on the bank, AT is loaded with tips, tactics and hints from the sport’s biggest stars including world champions Bob Nudd, Alan Scotthorne, and Tommy Pickering; plus TV’s Matt Hayes, Martin Bowler, Des Taylor, Keith Arthur and Will Raison!
 Fisch und Fang


Tradition and innovation– since 48 years trade-mark of FISCH & FANG. This exciting fishingmagazine offers useful tips and tricks to catch more fish and also provides information on top fishing waters not only in Germany.
 Rute & Rolle


Rute & Rolle ist eine Hobbyzeitschrift, die sich an Angler wendet. Sie wird von der Möller Neue Medien Verlags GmbH in Ahrensfelde herausgegeben. Der Sitz von Redaktion und Anzeigenabteilung ist Hamburg. Rute & Rolle ist eine monatlich erscheinende, deutschsprachige Special-Interest-Zeitschrift.


Престижный журнал "Рыболов-Elite" - это секреты успеха со всего мира, самые современные снасти и рыболовный туризм без границ. Периодичность - раз в два месяца. (Prestigious “Rybolov-elite” contains the secrets of successful fishing from all over the world, most advanced devices and tricks. Also about the fishing tourism. Bymonthly.)
 Рыбачьте с нами


Рыбачьте с нами - Иллюстрированный журнал для рыболовов и всех любителей активного отдыха на воде. (“Rybach’te s nami” is illustrated magazine for fishermen and people who love active leisure on water.)
 Mainline Baits


Mainline's concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait whilst at the same time offering the carp a valuable food source ensures that all our baits stand test of time when used on any water, so much so in fact that repeat captures on the same bait are normal as the carp just can't get enough; summer or winter makes little difference.
 Nash Tackle


Nash Tackle is the fishing worlds most highly respected, dedicated carp brand. Kevin Nash started designing and manufacturing carp tackle in the seventies. A time when carp fishing was in its infancy. It is not a case of carp tackle developing since those days but rather the tackle we know today simply had not been conceived, it was Kevin that addressed that.


Изпълнителна агенция по рибарство и аквакултури
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Berkley PROSPEC 5x10 - 450m
Висококаче ствено плетено ...
209.00 лв.    177.65 лв.
Berkley PROSPEC 5x10 - 450m
Висококаче ствено плетено ...
209.00 лв.    177.65 лв.
Berkley PROSPEC 5x10 - 450m
Висококаче ствено плетено ...
209.00 лв.    177.65 лв.
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